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Coca Cola Use Facebook Places For Innovative Recycling Campaign

Coca Cola are a brand that are always ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and they showed that with their latest campaign video from Isreal where they used the recently launched Facebook places to encourage users to recycle their old bottles. They called it king of the recycle and over 10,000 recycling bottles were placed around the country and all given their own Facebook place. Users were then encouraged to check in to the spots and take photos as they recycled their bottles. The real beauty of this campaign is that it taps in to that feeling of social conscience with the theory being that if you see your friends recycling then you will feel nearly obliged to start doing the same yourself. It created huge buzz online which all reflected well on Coke for doing something to improve the enviornment (and sell more Coca Cola obviously). It’s another example of a great offline campaign that pushes in to the online world and indeed one of the best previous examples we have seen of that came from Coca Cola in Isreal last year.




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Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities

To be successful, no social media effort can truly exist as an island. Here’s some tips, guides, on ways to blend, mix it up, get the most bang—and create an integrated social media campaign.

1. Build Customer Loyalty with Social Media

Online tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others can help provide businesses with opportunities to enhance customer relationships in real time.

Some ways to put social media to work to improve brand loyalty so customers will want to promote your company in a positive way:

  • Monitor customer comments
  • Identify customer needs through a survey that you promote via social media
  • Address customer complaints, resolve the problem and blog about how you took care of it
  • Engage customers by encouraging them to share feedback directly via comments on blogs or on Facebook and Twitter
  • Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences on social media sites Continue reading ‘Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities’

What’s new on social media?

1. Facebook Releases Camera: The new Camera Facebook app has similar features to Instagram which was recently purchased by Facebook for $1 billion.

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Kenapa harus Twitter?

Facebook boleh saja dianggap sebagai jejaring sosial terbesar saat ini. Namun bukan berarti situs media sosial lainnya tak bertaji, salah satunya Twitter. Pengguna internet dirasa harus memanfaatkan situs 140 karakter ini.

Menurut pengamat media sosial Jeff Bullas, penggunaan Twitter bukan cuma sekadar sebagai media untuk bebas berkicau. Namun bisa pula dimanfaatkan untuk kepentingan mengangkat pamor personal ataupun perusahaan.

Berikut 10 alasan kenapa Anda harus main Twitter: Continue reading ‘Kenapa harus Twitter?’


Social Media, for a Brand.

Social media saat ini menjadi salah satu tools yang digunakan oleh para praktisi komunikasi terutama Brand sebagai ajang promosi, tools komunikasi perusahaan ataupun sebagai salah satu cara untuk mendekatkan diri dengan para konsumennya. Kini telah banyak ditemukan Brand baik dari perusahaan lokal maupun perusahaan multinasional yang menawarkan barang ataupun jasa dengan cara promosi melalui social media. Tidak hanya brand besar tapi pelaku usaha lainnya juga kini marak menggunakan social media sebagai ajang promosi produk dan jasa mereka.

Bagi beberapa brand, social media selain digunakan sebagai ajang promosi, tapi juga digunakan untuk sebagai media untuk berinteraksi secara langsung dengan konsumennya. Banyak tools social media yang bisa digunakan untuk menjadi platform utama media interaksi dengan konsumen, twitter salah satunya. Continue reading ‘Social Media, for a Brand.’